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General Sermons - Year A

by Revd Christopher Harrison, priest in charge of the parish of All Saints, St Mary and St Peter, Nottingham


Advent 2    The Advent Virus

Advent 3 

What we really need at Christmas
Advent 4    The Christmas star
Christmas Day  The victory of God's love
Christmas 2    God and disaster
The Baptism of Christ God and disaster (updated)
Epiphany 3   "Come, follow me"
Sunday before Lent   "Service or Self?"
Lent 5  God or Mammon?
Palm Sunday  The Christ who changes lives
Maundy Thursday  The New Commandment
Easter Day  The believable resurrection
Easter Day (2) A Church for several kinds of believers
2nd Sunday of Easter Sin or forgiveness?
2nd Sunday of Easter (2) A death and resurrection to break the cycle of sin and suffering:  a story from India
3rd Sunday of Easter Recognising the Risen Lord
4th Sunday of Easter A new shepherd
Fifth Sunday of Easter  A new Pope
Sixth Sunday of Easter Prayer or Superstition?
Seventh Sunday of Easter The 60th Anniversary of VE Day
Seventh Sunday of Easter (2) Ascension and eternal life
Trinity 1  The houses built on rock and sand
Trinity 3 Heaven or hell?
Trinity 3 (2) Three people for God's kingdom
Trinity 5  Million Dollar Baby - the impossible dilemma
Trinity 5 The love of God, persecution, and service
Trinity 9  Parables of the Kingdom
Trinity 12  The Syro-Phoenician woman
Trinity 13  Jesus and Peter at Caesarea Philippi
Trinity 14  Grown-up religion ("Take up thy cross")
Trinity 15 Gaining the world or losing one's soul
Trinity 16  Hurricane Katrina
Trinity 16 (2) Sin and forgiveness
Holy Cross Day The Cross - belonging to Christ
Trinity 19  The tenants in the vineyard
Harvest Festival  A story of generosity about children from an African village
Harvest Festival 2 Taking out and putting back in
Trinity 21 Guests are gods - from the Santali tribe of India
Sermon given at the High Sheriff's Legal Service, 9th October 2005  

Last Sunday after Trinity

(Bible Sunday)

What can the Bible do for me?
Last Sunday after Trinity - 2 Love for God and neighbour
Fourth Sunday before Advent  Bonfire night and the Light of the World
The Commemoration of the Departed   
Remembrance Day 2005  Bravery and conscience
Remembrance Day 2008 'We will remember them'
Christ the King  Don't leave it to others to serve God
Christ the King - 2 How is Christ a King?
Parwich Methodist Chapel Anniversary Service