Assembly -  Things to take on the journey of life

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Show a large grip bag which clearly contains various items.

Let’s pretend it’s a holiday bag.   What sort of things would you take with you? Let’s see what it contains …


- a globe

- a waste paper basket

- a flower

- cricket ball

- a picture of something beautiful

- The Imitation of Christ (book)

- something to remind us about trusting - such as a model aeroplane (we have to trust the pilot when we fly in an aeroplane)


Ask children in turn to pick an item out of the bag, and set them all out where they can be seen.. Can anyone tell me what these things have in common?


- They are things to take with us on our journey through life, to remind us of the things that are important.


- The picture:   never to take for granted the beauty of the world we live in.   The world around us is as if God himself has painted a picture – but it is a picture that we have the privilege of living in.   So let’s not spoil it.


- The globe:   to remind us of all the other people who live in the world as well as ourselves.   Six billion – six thousand million – a hundred times the population of this country.   All of whom are unique – all of whom have something to contribute to the world.


- cricket ball = for fun and games


- The flower:   who can tell me the connection between the word ‘flower’ and the word ‘flourish’?   (Latin:   ‘flos’) .    The flower reminds us how important it is to do things that help other people to flourish – to care for them, to do what is in the best interests of other people, to give them opportunities.


- The waste paper basket – to throw away all the things in our lives we don’t need any more.   To be ready to learn new things and to move on from the old when necessary.   Not to lead lives which are cluttered with junk from the past (not to harbour grudges, to dwell on things that have hurt us, to grow up and become mature people).


- The aeroplane – to trust God, just as we trust the pilot when we fly in an aeroplane.


- The Imitation of Christ – Christ as the example for us to follow in our own lives – serving others; caring for those in need, praying regularly to his heavenly Father.


Think about your own particular journey through life, and what lies ahead of you - opportunities, hopes, fears. What will you put in your travel bag as you journey?  Things like these?  other things?


But whatever you choose, pack your bag - and begin the journey.


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