Sermon for Third Sunday after Trinity Year A

Three people for God's kingdom

Sermons year A

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There are three key characters in today’s reading, not including Jesus:

Jesus changes the life of each one of them:

There are three key messages at the heart of this reading:

Looking at these in turn:

1.        God wants us to take risks in faith, even at personal cost to ourselves

2.        God invites people of all kinds into his kingdom

Each of the three events described in today’s reading involves someone coming to a deeper relationship with God.    But these are three people from very different backgrounds:  

You don’t have to be respectable to be invited by God into his kingdom.   You can be anyone – as long as you have even the beginnings of faith.    And all these people cannot have had any more than the beginnings of faith – yet this was enough.

3.        There is a particular welcome in God’s kingdom for sinners who repent .

There is something for everyone in the stories of three people. Are you like Matthew, leading a complex life based on a delicate balance of allegiances to different people?  Or like the ruler of the synagogue, and important person in the eyes of the world but having endured great personal suffering, and needing to throw all caution and respectability aside in his plea to Christ for help with his dead daughter?    Or are you more like the woman with bleeding, rejected by society through no fault of your own, needing to summon up all the courage you can manage in the hope that God will accept you, even though most people around you don’t?

So I urge you to reflect on these three people today .. and through the week.   Let their stories become part of your story.   Let their faith inspire your faith; and remember that even if our faith in God is sometimes weak, his faith in us never fails.  

Sermons year A

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