Bible Quiz - for Bible Sunday, 19th Sunday after Trinity, Year C

1.                What are the first five books of the Bible called?

(a)              The Pentagram           (b)                   The Pentameter                         (c)                   Pentecost                (d)                   The Pentateuch

2.                In the writings of which prophet can be found the prophecy of a Saviour who will be called Emmanuel?

(a)              Ezekiel                         (b)                   Uzziah                                          (c)                   Isaiah                        (d)                   Micah

3.                Which of the following are minor prophets?

(a)              Samuel                        (b)                   Amos                                            (c)                   Hosea                       (d)                   Jeremiah

4.                What was the name of the father of John the Baptist?

(a)                   Zacchaeus               (b)                  Zephaniah                                 (c)                   Zechariah                 (d)                   Zoroaster

5.                   Complete the following sentence from the Beatitudes (Matthew 5. 3):


                  Blessed are the poor in spirit …

                  (a)                   for they shall see God                                               (b)                   for they shall be shown mercy

                  (c)                   for theirs is the kingdom of heaven                        (d)                   for they shall be given the riches of God

6.                Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the …”   (John 14. 6)

(a)              hope                            (b)                   answer                                          (c)                   grace                           (d)                   life

7.                Where did Saint Paul die?

(a)              Rome                           (b)                   Damascus                                 (c)                   Jerusalem                (d)                   Antioch

8.                What is the name of the last book of the Bible?

(a)                   Revelation              (b)                   The Apocrypha                     (c)                   Malachi                    (d)                The Apocalypse

9.                Miles Coverdale produced the first English translation of the complete Bible in:

(a)              868                               (b)                   1345                                               (c)                   1535                             (d)                   1662

10.              The “Breeches Bible” (or Geneva Bible) was first published in:

(a)              1442                             (b)                   1560                                               (c)                   1601                             (d)                   1652




1.           (d)

2.           (c)

3.           (b) and (c)

4.            (c)

5.           (c)

6.           (d)

7.           (a)

8.            (a) and (d)

9.            (c)

10.         (b)

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