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The Christmas Star

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A story about Christmas.


It was grandma’s first Christmas without grandpa, who had died in April.   As always, the family came to grandma’s house just before Christmas.   This year it would be more important than ever to be with her over the Christmas period.


It had always been grandpa’s job to put up the tree and supervise the decorating of it.   Grandpa used to say that the tree, and its beautiful golden star, with shining little jewels on the top, was the most important of all the decorations in the house. Grandpa had given the star to grandma fifty years ago, the first Christmas after they had been married.


This year father took over the task of putting up the tree.   The children were so excited.   They brought the boxes of beautiful decorations, some of which had been put on the tree every year, as long as they could remember.   Everyone helped to make the tree look truly wonderful.  


Then somebody said, “But where is the star?”   They all searched for it, looking in every possible place where it might be – but it wasn’t anywhere to be found.   Father said he’d go out and buy a new one.   One of the children said they’d make one out of cardboard and glitter.   But grandma said that she would rather leave the tree without a star this year.


Christmas day came.    After breakfast, the whole family gathered around the tree.   Everyone took it in turns to choose a present from under the tree, and give it to the person it was for.   They came to the last present – which said, ‘For grandma, from grandpa’.   There was a sudden silence.   Mother said, “I found it in the cupboard with the decorations, and as it was already wrapped, I just put it under the tree.”    With shaking hands, grandma opened it.   There was a note inside.   Grandma read it out:   “ Don't be angry with me, dear. I broke your star while taking down the decorations, and I couldn't bear to tell you. Thought it was time for a new one. I hope it brings you as much joy as the first one. Merry Christmas.”


So the tree was to have a star after all – a star which showed that grandpa’s love for grandma had remained just as strong as it had been 50 years ago, when they were first married.


Maybe your tree has a star as well - a star that is far more than just a decoration.   For the star on every Christmas tree is a message to us from God.   And the message is that his love for the world is still as strong as when, all those years ago, he sent his Son Jesus to be born in Bethlehem, and led people by means of a star to worship him.   In spite of all the things that people do to one another, in spite of all the violence, greed and selfishness in the world, God still loves the world – and wants us all to turn to him afresh and to follow the ways of his Son Jesus Christ – the ways of peace, hope and love.


May that peace, hope and love be with you all this Christmas time.  

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